Fair Wage Research Paper

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is responsible for regulating and enforcing policies that must be met by students in order to maintain eligibility. The athletic directors of prosperous universities (across the country) need to devise a petition, and present it to the NCAA in hopes of an agreement. By doing so, they will take the beginning steps in creating fair methods of compensation among the student athlete body of the basketball programs. These authoritative figures will be creating an opportunity where they can help improve the current collegiate athletic system without adding pressure to the students –some of which is already created by the present NCAA policies. Recently the NCAA has allowed for multiple-year athletic…show more content…
Other aspects (coaches, facilities, and other factors) hat allow these programs to function as smoothly as they do are treated on professional terms, to say the least. Mike Craven mentions in his article, “It’s time to pay college athletes a fair wage” that students on academic scholarships are not restricted from using their heads to earn money. Craven brings up the idea that students should not be restricted in earning a fair wage due to the fact that some view their hard work as an unfair advantage. In regards to the basketball players who contribute to the success and life of college sports, it is disappointing to know authoritative figures have a voice in this issue, but very few are willing to sacrifice their personal benefits for a more just environment among the lives of college basketball players. Head coach, Steve Spurrier was willing to donate from his salary, $300,000 dollars to be used in compensating the players…show more content…
It is important for the athletic directors and other authoritative figures in men’s basketball to strive for a common goal and establish a better sense balance among those in the basketball environment by changing the contradicting expectations and policies of the NCAA. Some say basketball players have been taken advantage of for far too long and ask “how much longer are universities willing to wait [the] before students see them as a threat and an aid to the issue rather than a source of education and athletic support”? Neglecting the issue has only postponed its significance to emerge as more relevant. By helping address this issue with urgency will allow the players to feel acknowledged and help create a solution for everyone’s benefit to the issue at
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