Fair and Balance: The Education Cutbacks

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Writing Assignment 3 (Argument/Persuasion) Anyone living within the Unites States today has come to realize that since 2008 we have all had to tighten our finical belts to survive, just as the Federal Govenment. Each one of us, from little households, to the big spenders on Wall State. It seems that every year, each state is faced with reducing the amount of money that it spends on education. Which seems odd to me, because if we as a nation are not educated to the level needed to compete with the academic level of the world, we are doomed to fail from the bottom up? With this reduction in funding are students’ classrooms keep getting larger and larger until realistically they become nothing more than educated dummies. Pushed…show more content…
As I spend a lot of time up at his school then and now, I often wished that his teachers could provide not just him, but the other students also more time to truly discuss the topic ensuring that they in deed did understand what was being put forth before them. The other issue with public schooling seems to be that children are dependent (to a certain point) to teach each other. They all now work in these sub-groups where the mind-set is, if one does not get it, there is someone within the group that could point him or her in the right direction. As the classroom has become a fast pasted, easy to get behind, speak now or forever hold your peace, media based environment. The days of true one-on-one building up and understanding the subject matter are long gone. This is why Homeschooling is seen as a very good alternative to just leaving your child out to tread water or sink within the public school environment. My co-worker told me of when she was a “Home Town Recruiter” and of how every now and then she would have a homeschooled prospective recruit come into the recruiting station and of how much better then would do on their practice test then those that had attended public school. This is something that I have heard since being introduced to those that are and have been home schooled(. They seem to be leaps and bounds
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