Fairfax Case Study

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Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital 1) First, the HR manager could ask the advice of the CEO. He doesn’t want to go against his will, this will causing him more trouble. Second, the HR manager could hire Dr. Soysa since she is the most qualified for the business position. Third, he could reopen the search for the position to get in more candidates. Fourth, he could hire a less qualified candidate and offer him/her the job. 2) The best solution for me is hiring Dr. Soysa. He would argue that if its a matter of appearance and weight that didn’t stop her from winning awards and attaining higher goals. For the matter of age, he would argue that this is their new way of diversifying the staff. In my opinion, the nursing staff might have…show more content…
For example, they could be motivated to come to work because there is no bias. However, if he doesn’t hire Dr. Soysa, the staff would feel discouraged to work. Since they are being judged a lot by the way they appear. They would get the message that in order to achieve more in this hospital I would need to look great for the public eyes. In addition, they would feel that there is no measure to judge their performance and credentials. Employees would feel that there is no diverse body of talent in the workplace. 5) Due to her age, she might get a lot of disobeying employees. They would argue a lot with her, since for instance she is younger than the employee. Due to her weight, she might deal with a lot of abuse. Jokes about her weight can be an issue, she would be discomforted to work there. She would deal a lot with stereotyping against overweight people. On the other hand, Jorge can face issues rising from management on why would he hire someone not fit for a public presentation. He would be questioned a lot, the CEO might give him a hard time if this is against his suggestion. 6) For Dr. Soysa, I feel that she can make use of the HR department to address change. For example, getting there help in addressing the issue of weight and how to control it. She would also make use of the physical fitness department, she might need help in
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