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Boris Muravchik Linda Treinish Diversity in the Workplace 13 June 2011 Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital: The Candidate. In my opinion it’s a very interesting case to discuss, because even though one side of me thinks that it’s a good idea to hire Dr. Soysa to be a new nursing director, the other side of me agrees with some board members regarding the issues that can arise from her weight and age. I can understand the board members regarding their worries about finding a perfect candidate for the nursing director position, as the case states, the hospital needs to modernize department and diversify the staff of the nursing department, and in my opinion to accomplish these goals they need an experienced candidate. The hiring process can…show more content…
In my opinion and many sociologists would agree with me that the weight of the candidate affects the decisions of the authorities about his/her hiring, promotion, salary increase and dismissal. Especially discrimination is evident in hiring when the HR management is unaware of the abilities and skills of prospective candidate, but because of the person’s weight, immediately stereotypes him/her (overweight people have difficulties to keep up with the fast pace work environment). Regarding the stereotyping I have two views, because I look at the overweight people from two different cultures, Russian and American. In Russia, you don’t see a lot of overweight people, because fatness is considered as laziness. In Russian culture fatness is not considered as a sickness. If you ask as a Russian person what the person with the weight problem or obesity should do to lose the weight, you will probably see and hear not a very pleasant reaction from the people and comments like: he/she must stop eating like a pig and he/she should stop eating in the junk/fast food places. Another idea that Russians have about fat people is that, fat food comes from junk food places like McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and etc., so if the person eats in these places, sooner or later this person will

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