Fairfax, The Uprising Of The City

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Fairfax, The Uprising of the City
The city of Fairfax, Virginia rests at the northern most part and is included in the D.C., MD, WV, VA Metropolitan statistical area. It earned it 's name after Thomas Fairfax who recieved 5 million acres of land in the Virginia territory from King Charles. The land was settled in the 18th century and became a an officall city in 1961.
Throughout the 20th century, Fairfax can be described in one word: growth.[1] The increase in demorgaphic numbers are untestable. Between the 1930-1950 's the population expanded to four times what it was, reaching nearly 100,000 citizens. A large contribution to such growth was President Franklin D. Roosevelt 's increase in federal action between bureaus and programs.
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The Bailey 's Crossroad Skyline was going to be labeled as the largest complex in all of Northern Virginia.
The construction of the Skyline Plaza in Fairfax County came to a halt early in the afternoon on March 2, 1973. It was originally speculated by the workers on site that the crane assisting in lifting materials to the higher sections of the building failed and fell into the side of the building causing the collapse. However, Author Dov Kaminetsky conducted research alongside the National Bereau of Standards(NBS), and published his book, Design and Construction: Lessons from Forensic Investigations.[2] Kaminetsky provides the conclusion of NBS 's investigation that the collapse was a result of shear construction error. The building began to collapse as construction workers proceeded to remove the concrete shoring between the middle sector of the building, specifically the 22nd and 23rd floor. The shoring process requires the placement of a concrete structure to support a building while under construction to prevent the collapse of the operation. The result of the collapse took the lives of 14 construction workers and 35 other individuals near the building. With proper critique to policies and evaluation of work orders, further disasters may be prevented in the future in the United States. So how did theinvestigationn of the
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