Fairness Is A Fundamental Aspect That Our Law System

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Fairness is a fundamental aspect that our law system in based upon. Courts hear numerous amounts of cases and determine the outcome of the situation in a fair manner. To achieve this gaol many procedures are put in place. In administrative law there is an interest in the decision making process and if it is fair or not. The term fairness is a broad concept as one can question to whom is it being fair too. Ultimately, one might assume the individual who won the case is more inclined to believe the procedure and the ruling is fair (Module 4). However, administrative law is more concerned if the procedure is fair versus if the decision itself is. There is no definite definition of procedural fairness as it is complex on many levels and is subject to interpretation depending on the context and elements of each case. Although, it can be seen as being open and clear, providing an opportunity for those inflicted by the outcome to address one’s arguments while producing evidence that supports it; which are then determined by the decision-maker (Module 4). Back in 2007 the Ontario government released a statement stating that it would raise the minimum wage. Following that in March 2009, Premier McGuinty met in private, behind closed doors with business leaders about cancelling the remaining increase of minimum wage due to economic conditions. After learning about this, citizens of Ontario were furious with the lack of transparency of the meeting. This lead Premier McGuinty to state
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