Fairness and Effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System

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I am obliged to comment on the fairness and effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System (CJS). To understand this statement and form an opinion I will analyze particular arms of the CJS, define their roles and purpose, and make an informed considered opinion about the fairness and effectiveness of the system, if at all. In fashionable fairness I will construct arguments for and against the statement with reference to its strengths and weaknesses and draw my
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The investigative (Policing) arm of the CJS functions like a frontline defense for the justice system and its main role is to enforce the law. Wimshurst a lecturer and author at Griffith University who specializes in criminal justice refers to a range of roles that police might play within society as noted by Bradley (1996) which are to: “maintain law and order, prevent the commission of crime, detect criminals, ensure road safety, assist in minor and major emergencies and carry out miscellaneous duties on behalf of government departments”. Despite all these job descriptions the public view of police is rather distorted seeing them only as mere public babysitters (or ‘crim-­‐sitters’ as some might refer them), this coming from the fact police exhibit a big-­‐brother style of law enforcement keeping a constant suspicious watch on public behavior, rather than serving and upholding public order and deterring unlawful behavior. This

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