Fairport Animal Hospital Case Study

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Your pet’s health should never be compromised. When looking for the right animal hospital, you should expect top-notch care of your pet as well as great customer service. Fairport Animal Hospital, a veterinary facility in Fairport, NY, has the right equipment and employs the best staff in the area so you can be sure that your animal companion is in good hands. Whether it's your first time to take your pets to an animal hospital or you're looking for a new facility in your area, it's essential to choose a hospital that can adequately address your pet's needs.

What should you expect from a good animal hospital?

Specializes In Animal Surgery: A good animal hospital can perform various surgical operations on a number of different species of animals. Fairport Animal Hospital performs spay and neuter procedures, tumor removals, caesarean sections as well as reconstructive surgery. They can also perform surgical operations on avian, reptile and other small mammals.
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Your veterinarian should be patient enough to explain to you the condition of your pet and the kind of procedures they will have to undergo. Sometimes your vet will suggest running exams such as blood and urine test to diagnose your pet’s health problems.
State-Of-The-Art Facilities: The level of care an animal hospital is able to give your pet will be limited by their equipment and laboratory facilities. Fairport Animal Hospital houses modern hospital equipment that allows vets to give your pet the best medical care possible. They have digital radiology, ultrasonic imaging, ECG's, and CO2 Laser. Pet microchips are also available in their
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