Fairtrade & the Human Rights of Coffee Workers and Producers

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Coffee is the second most globally traded commodity second only to oil therefore the market is extremely large. This leads to a huge coffee farming industry. In recent years, there has been a large push for awareness of the process a product undergoes to get to the consumer. My family and I sincerely enjoy freshly roasted coffee. My mother and father were recently in Panama and decided to purchase a coffee farm with the goal of creating a sustainable retirement home for themselves in the future. They also became aware of the issues surrounding the workers who live and work on the farms in the area and decided that one of their goals would be to provide fair housing and pay for the workers on their farm. I was inspired
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The FTPs of an area are combined into “a communal fund for workers and farmers to improve their social, economic, and environmental conditions.” The use of this money is decided democratically by the producers in the farmer’s organization or by the workers of an area. The money is usually used on education or health care for the community or put back into the farm to increase yield or income.[9],[10] Another goal of the FLO is to provide the most direct route possible from producer to consumer so that a significantly higher amount of the final price reaches the producer/farmer. Farmers will wait an average of 73 days to get the full price of their coffee, 41 average for Fairtrade. This means that some times the farmer must sell to a local middleman for a much lower price to receive the pay for their beans in as few as an average of 6 days. By providing a more direct and quicker route, the FLO lowers the amount of money lost to the farmer for his beans because he does not need to sell for quick cash.[11] All Fairtrade Standards are determined by a similar project process as the development of the FTMPs and FTPs in compliance with the ISEAL Alliance (International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labeling Alliance). There must be a proposition to create a new standard or to review an old one. Then, research is preformed leading to a draft of the new standard. This is then sent to stakeholders for feedback as
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