Fairy Dust Teaching Research Papers

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How unique storage solutions reinvented my Atelier? What is Fairy Dust Teaching up to in Oklahoma? Specifically, with their use of the word “atelier” in relation to teaching, and isn’t an atelier a workshop or studio for an artist, designer, or fashion house? Intrigued by founder Sally Haughey’s unique, and accessible ways of creating the ease of access for children with creative storage solutions, in the planning for “classroom ateliers,” raised some curiosity about Haughey’s planning methods.

What is curriculum mapping? Curriculum mapping is important, because it allows teachers, and administrators to focus on balance between the content across curricula. Fairy Dust Teaching defines a curriculum map as charting the journey for the year, and means of looking ahead to see where you want to take the children you are teaching.

" yourselves must be filled with wonder and when you have acquired that, you are prepared.”- Maria Montessori

Haughey has two secret ingredients, and three helpful action steps in this process:

Secret Ingredient #1 Personal Passion:
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When you are enthused in your teaching, you become magnetic! Learning is a natural outcome in an inspired teacher’s presence. For me, what has always given me energy and vitality in teaching has been the arts and fairy tales. I absolutely love the arts - painting, drawing, puppetry, drama, drumming. I never tire of thinking about how to integrate the arts into my lesson plans - especially lesson plans grounded in fairy tales. It floats my
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