Fairy Tail Research Paper

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What would a person do if he had the choice to remain in fairy tail? Lucy had to make this exact choice in the world of fairy tail. Lucy is a celestial wizard who has always dreamt of joining fairy tail, a legendary guild. Her dream became a reality when she meets a powerful dragonslayer named Natsu Ignaul. Through his connections, she quickly became a member of Fairy Tail. Lucy has had many adventures seen then. Now she has come to the choice of to remain in Fairy Tail or to leave. It is common knowledge that Lucy y in Fairy Tale, but some say it was the right choice and some say it was the wrong one. Although there are many opinions, the leading two are: it was a brilliant decision or it was a horrible miscalculation. Lucy should…show more content…
Ezra, one of the most powerful wizards in Fairy Tail, has become a good friend. With Ezra’s help, Lucy overcame many obstacles on jobs. Also, Natsu, a powerful fire dragonslayer with the ability to eat fire to gain strength, has grown into a very good friend. Lucy friendship with Grey has strengthened into a sibling like bond. Not to mention other friends like Loke, Happy, and Elfman. Some people believe Lucy should not stay in Fairy Tail. They state Fairy Tail is dangerous. Also, that it has too many enemies. Although Fairy Tale is very dangerous, all guilds involve an element of danger and Fairy Tale does a great job of protecting its members. They also argue that Lucy is outdone by the other guild members. Compared to the other members, Lucy is weak. This statement is false because Lucy is improving always. Both of these arguments are invalid because even though Lucy is in constant danger and weak, she benefits greatly from her relationship with Fairy Tale. Lucy should remain in Fairy Tale for three reasons: Fairy Tale strong, Lucy is important to Fairy Tale, and Lucy has created many friendships. This matters to Fairy Tale because it would not be the same without
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