Fairy Tale By The Grimm Brothers

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Rapunzel is a well-known fairy tale, originally created by the Grimm Brothers, that has changed very much throughout the years. Starting out as a story of a girl locked in a tower, it has evolved into countless versions. The most common adaption of the Grimm Brothers’ story is the disney movie Tangled. This movie debuted in 2010 and was a hit. Overall, the Grimm Brothers story has become iconic for it’s history and also its adaptations. The story Rapunzel was published in 1812 for the first time ever by The Grimm Brothers, in Germany. During this time period, the mindset of the German people was different than what it is today. The people of Germany believed in magic, whereas today they know that it is not real. The reason that most of these Grimm Brother’s stories are based on magic, including Rapunzel, is because of this. Also at this time in Germany, most of the people were commoners, middle class or even poor. That is why these stories are set in common time and involve common people, for the most part. In Rapunzel, she is born into a poor family and is a commoner herself. The Grimm Brothers themselves have a very interesting history. Although most people believe that the Grimm Brothers are responsible for writing their fairytales, they are not. These fairy tales were written long before the brothers were born, however they collected all the stories and binded them together in one book. The Grimm Brothers went around asking friends and family for fairy tales that they
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