Fairy Tales And Shrek

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From the Old to the New
From the very beginning of time fairy tales have been used to inject a sense of paranoia within children, a kind of fear that would induce disturbing thoughts and emotions to trick a child into good behavior. Fairy tales are gripping, magical, and slightly uncomfortable. Some fairy tales, if not a good majority of them are euphemism that mask the truth of horrific historical events. Others are stories are based on legends that included spiritual beliefs of a culture. Each bogey represented something in the world that children should look out for and recognize if they were ever to be in a situation that resembled the story they were read. The ogre played a vital role in fairytales during the 17th and 18th century,
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People have always been fascinated with things that scare them and when you do not have a television to produce that image for you, you turn to a book or fairy tale to help capture that image for you.
Next, people can make the claim that greek god story of Kronos, is where people got their ideas of where an ogre might come from. For instance, in the greek mythology, Kronos is worried that he may perish away so he begins to swallow all of his children whole, except for one, Zeus. “In fear of a prophecy that he would in turn be overthrown by his own son, Kronos swallowed each of his children as they were born” (Gorge). These babies are fresh from their mother 's womb and Kronos doesn 't give them the time of nor does he give them a chance to prove the prophecy wrong and instantly kills them or so he thinks. Of course Kronos does not have the physical appearance of an ogre and in fact he is a titan but the overall story shows how he devours his children, which gives way to the very story that gets told over and over again in fairy tales all over the world. Kronos is the bedrock to the foundation of what ogres would eventually develop themselves into throughout the years.
Puss in Boots laid the groundwork for ogres in the years to come because that was when ogres made their breakout appearance in Tales of a Mother Goose, which
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