Fairy Tales

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In all three fairy tales we have studied so far, there is a male “beast” figure included; the wolf in "Little Red Cap," the wildman in "Iron Hans," and finally Beast in "Beauty and the Beast." These “beats” have words such as wicked, wild, or even frightful to describe them. Although they are all such different stories, there are many similar ideas through the use of the beast that surround human sexuality and sexual awareness. Depending on age and gender of the protagonist involved, these ideas could slightly differ. The beast motif conveyed in each of these stories also touches upon gender, and sexual awareness. The “beast” figure is used in all three fairy tales, which could suggest ideas about sexual awareness and human sexuality. They…show more content…
While little red cap and the king’s son are both young children, the “beats” of these stories could easily take advantage of their innocence. “Little Red Cap did not know what a wicked sort of an animal he was and was not afraid of him” (Grimm 102). She was young, oblivious and naive to the danger the wolf held. She disobeyed her mother’s ordered and fell for the wolf’s tricks which put both her grandmother and herself in danger. Although the king’s son in “Iron Hans” was also young, he appeared more knowledgeable about the danger of the wildman as he knew he would be punished for letting him free and knew he did wrong. However, the innocence this child carried was used against him as the wildman was able to take advantage of this and be freed in exchange for the young boys ball. Beauty was older than the children in these two stories, which resulted in the “beast” to have different intentions. The beast had a more . In each of these fairy tales, the “beast” figure held power and control, guiding the protagonist in ways in which they pleased. The "beast motif" conveyed in these fairy tales relate to gender and sexual awareness. These fairy tales “explore the performativity of gender identity and ... rethinking of sexuality” (Korneeva
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