Fairy Tales by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm

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Introduction: Fairy tales were a big part of my childhood. I started my research on fairy tales written by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. Fairy tales often have a character that goes on a journey or an adventure. During his journey he encounters mystical beings that help or hurt the characters success. When I was a child, my grandparents would tell my sister and I stories like “Jack and the Bean Stalk” and “Little Red Riding Hood”. My grandfather would always act out the part of the wolf or the giant, while my grandma told the story. The fairy tales by the brothers Grimm were very popular and some were retold by Disney. But Disney’s versions were much less graphic than the original tales. I believe that fairy tales are a big part of child’s…show more content…
They wrote tales like “Little Red-Cap”, where a little girl is tricked by a wolf into getting herself and her grandmother eaten. Luckily a hunter saves them by cutting open the wolf’s stomach. Jakob, the smarter of the two, went on in later years “to define the relationship between similar word of different languages, this became known as Grimm’s law” (O’Neill, par.8). Both brothers were professors at the University of Gottingen. Both were dismissed for political reasons. They then moved to Berlin, where they again became professors and were professors until they died (O’Neill, par.9). Many of stories they published were very unique which is probably why they became so popular. One unique characteristic that relates to all of all the stories I read by the brothers Grimm was that a problem arises with magic and is resolved with violence. In “Little Red Cap”, the wolf can talk and it eats the grandmother and girl whole. The problem that arises in “The Seven Ravens” is the daughter of a king and queen discovers that her parents had her seven brothers turned in to ravens. The violent solution to “Little Red-Caps” problem is they are saved by a hunter that cuts open the wolf’s stomach. In the “The Seven Ravens” the daughter goes on a journey to find the key of her brothers’ glass mountain prison. She loses the key but instead she cuts off a finger and uses that. Even though the characters and plot twists in each story are violent and graphic, the
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