Fairy : The Myth Fairy

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The tooth fairy. A magical creature that exists in the lives of most adolescents. Interactions with the fairy are cherished by children. The excitement of wiggling out that baby tooth, and being able to put it underneath the pillow to be traded in by the tooth fairy for a small fortune. Along with this wonderful memory is an underlying darkness.

Ganga mahat and Felicia Bowen, both professors at the State University of New Jersey, wrote in their article the shocking fact that “More than one fourth of children between the ages of two and five experience early childhood caries before entering kindergarten” (Mahat). Which means that most of the primary (baby) teeth being offered to the tooth fairy are either exposed to, or have experienced
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Lacking the confidence to show off things life their smile, or even to interact with other humans makes a huge impact on adolescents life.

A child who isn’t taught proper oral hygiene when they are young may suffer with oral and overall health problems the rest of their life. Studied have shown a correlation between the two. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research notes that “studies have reported associations between oral infections—primarily periodontal infections—and diabetes, heart disease and stroke, and adverse pregnancy outcomes”. Which means that those who suffer from other bodily diseases tend to also suffer from bad oral health. Another author named Susan Griffin supporting the same cause wrote “Poor oral health profoundly diminishes quality of life among persons with poor general health” (Griffin).

Wrapping back to the main point. Children who lack the education and ability to maintain good dental hygiene have a dark future ahead of them with other problems that appear because of the same situation: lack of education about health. Not only is that about the child, but also the parents/caregivers whose main job is to provide the necessary information about their health. Mahat and Bowen mentioned a connection between the parents
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