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Stories in the form of folktale, fairytale, legend, and myths draw in the audience by intriguing their creativity and opening the realm of imagination. They do so by using abstract settings, storylines, and characters where there reader is forced to think outside the box of ordinary life and discover a world they may have never knew existed. Many times these fairytales use the gateway of magic to make these ideas more fathomable to the reader and create the illusion that it is all make believe. Magic is something that has been used throughout history in folktales, legends, and fairytales because it does all the explaining on its own of why the characters or story can be so spectacular without needing to be questioned about its…show more content…
The Frog Princess shows this action with this specific quote: The others had heated the ovens as usual. One loaf was burned black. The other was quite uncooked. The Tsar took the three loaves, and tasted each one. Of the first, he said, “A starving man might try to eat it.” Of the second, he said, “Even rats wouldn’t touch this gluey mess.” Of the third, he said, “How light it is, and golden! I must give a dinner party, and share it with my guests” (13).
This defies all expectations of a frog being inferior to humans, but in fact this story teaches us to not have preconceived notions. Thirdly, there is a marriage between a human and animal which is abstract from our usual idea of marriage. The Frog Princess features a dating relationship between a human and a frog which is different than what a reader would think is normal. They read this with the hopes of the frog someday turning into a human princess they can relate to more. Lastly, the book ends with this motif of a happily ever after and that desire for the frog to turn into a human princess becomes a reality. They end the story with the princess and prince being happy for the rest of their lives. There is also an element of wealth in the ending because they reside in a palace and this shows us they do not have to worry about money being a problem. The Frog Princess

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