Faith And Answering The All Famous Question

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Explaining our faith and answering the all famous question, “why I believe what I believe” is not always the easiest task, especially when the listener is a known sceptic. However, it’s an important task for believers, and we must be able to effectively communicate this to other non-believers. In this paper, I will be sharing with an atheist how the story of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation ultimately culminates to the Kingdom of God and the role that we play in it.
An individual who identifies as atheist is someone who shares the belief that there is no God or gods. In my experience, often atheists are individuals who have seen how Christians live their life and want nothing to be a part of it. Many atheists that I know have
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Adam and Eve directly disobeyed these rules, thus leading in to the fall of mankind.
What does the fall look like today? Many agnostic and atheist individuals see all that is wrong in our world; all the pain and suffering that we and the rest of the population endure every day. Homelessness, poverty, injustice, war, crime, pollution, disaster, corruption, brutality, etc. This list could go on for days. Who is responsible for all this pain, suffering and heartache? Often God is the one that is blamed and pinned with all the malice in the world, what if I were to say that this human pain and suffering is part of His plan? In order to determine why God is allowing this pain and suffering on earth, we first must discuss what took place on earth many years ago.
If we remember from just a few paragraphs back, the purpose of man was to rule over God’s creation. Remember, God created all that was necessary for man. However, the fall of mankind is directly related to Adam and Eve not trusting in God and His commands. The “fall” is as term that is used in Christianity to describe the evolution of man and woman from a period of obedience to a time of disobedience. Genesis chapter 3 describes clearly the deception of the serpent and the clear disobedience of Adam and Eve. This disobedience is directly related to their mistrust in God and the plans that He has for them. Disobedience towards God is sin, and God detest sin.
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