Faith Based On Belief Of Religion

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Faith based on belief in the supernatural has been prevalent for the duration of mankind’s recorded history. Every culture around the world, past and present, has developed or adopted a dominant belief system. These belief systems could include the ancient traditions like Greek polytheism, Mayan ritual worship, or Hinduism as well as modern religions such as Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. By preaching goodwill and the golden rule religion has played a significant role in promoting ethics in society. Religion stimulates inner strength, confidence, and fosters a sense of purpose for many people. It is also hard to imagine a world without the incredible religious art and music. The teachings and culture can help lift up people to live a better, more fulfilling and more selfless life. Billions of people, around the world, practice a religion with the hope that they will reap the benefits of their devotion. There are many other reasons why people believe but truly the main reasons people are religious is due to the default way that they were raised, social reasons, fear, and to have an explanation of the world. Beliefs are passed down to children who are intrinsically disposed to trust their parents. This indoctrination, though, makes them vulnerable to misinformation and as a result there is a manifestation of belief systems into religion. Once religion has a hold on someone, its attribute of being against reason helps its own survival. Unfortunately, religious faith is a
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