Faith In The Odyssey

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Joseph was one of the 12 sons fathered by Jacob. He was the first born son of Jacob and Rachel. Joseph was much younger than his brothers and highly loved and favored by his father. Jacob gave Joseph an ornate robe that displayed that nepotism. Joseph had some pretty momentous dreams when he was only 17 years old. His dreams indicated that his brothers were going to bow down to him. Joseph told his family of his dreams in an attempt to seek the meaning behind them. Jacob’s favoritism caused his sons to be jealous. Joseph’s brothers decided to sell him into slavery to an Egyptian man, named Potiphar. Joseph excelled at everything he did. Potiphar put Joseph in charge of his home. Joseph grew up to be a very handsome man. Potiphar’s wife coveted him, but Joseph would not commit sin against Potiphar or God, so the wife had him thrown in prison. He continued to exceed while in prison. He interpreted dreams for prisoners and eventually Pharaoh. Pharaoh gave Joseph authority over all the land and began storing food for the inevitable famine. This lead to Joseph’s family coming to ask for food…show more content…
Joseph represents faith as many of the characters do in the Bible. God blessed Joseph with the capacity to excel in every situation. God gave Joseph intelligence and an ability to interpret dreams. All of these blessings were given to Joseph in order for him to save his family from the seven years of famine. The story of Joseph shows how the will of God is done through people and events. The reason the story of Joseph is so significant is because these events lead up to the Hebrew people settling in Goshen. Goshen is where the Israelites reside centuries later where they are oppressed and become slaves of the state. Joseph sets the stage for Moses. Moses rescues the firstborn of God, the Israelites. Moses also provides mankind with the commandments giving people their first laws literally set in
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