Faith Jegede

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The speaker of “How to Prepare for an Interview” explains key information that you should know prior to attending an interview. She provides us with details about three categories which are professional resume, knowledge of the company, and appropriate final questions. The speaker gives numerous details about how to prepare for an interview and her knowledge towards preparation. The speaker doesn’t give a clear introduction. First off, she doesn’t introduce herself which we’re confused by because we don’t know what to address her by. We think as a group that when starting a speech you should introduce yourself and the topic. She introduces her topic well, but it would have been beneficial to know her name. We thought that she did a very good job explaining the details about preparing for an interview,…show more content…
To begin her informative speech, Jegede uses one sentence to start off her argument, “please don’t tell me I’m normal.” Later she ends the speech with the same words. As a group we thought this was effective to tie all her thoughts together in a formal way and to build off the idea of “normal”.
Jegede is consistent with the same topic through the entire speech and focuses on her two brothers strengths and struggles of life as autistic men. She only talks about her brother's life but we think she could have related to more people by talking about autistic people over the entire United States and how it affects them. This is the only major flaw that our group noticed from Jegede’s speech. Jegede provided many inspirational words that drew in the listeners, our favorite is, “you don’t have to be normal, you can be extraordinary.” The massages Jegede provided, appealed to many listeners and the audience seemed engaged and interested in the
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