Faith and Politics Essay

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Faith and Politics Nowadays, more so than ever before, religion plays a significant role in American presidential elections. As citizens, our job is to examine that role and decide how it will affect our vote. The Bush/Gore campaign has been very much influenced by religion. Joseph Lieberman, Gore’s running mate and the first Orthodox Jew to run for vice president on a major party ticket, has been extremely vocal about his faith. Both George W. Bush and Al Gore, a Methodist and Baptist, respectively, have also referred to their religious beliefs during this presidential campaign ("Anti-Defamation League Criticizes"), raising several questions about the part religious faith plays in presidential elections. First, what role…show more content…
And now we think Senator Lieberman crossed it" (Pellegrini). The ADL is concerned partly because of the possibility that Lieberman’s comments will rouse anti-Semitism in the American public. The Pew Research Poll found that of those bothered by the merging of religion and politics, 49 percent supported Lieberman and 30 percent did not. The statistics were virtually the same among those who reported they were not concerned with politicians discussing religion. These results show that, so far, there doesn’t appear to be any hostility against Lieberman. Examining the bigger picture, the poll found that about three quarters of the American public have a positive view of Jews (Lester). This means that while the public isn’t annoyed because he’s Jewish and referring to his faith; but perhaps his references to his faith may be negatively pinned to his being Jewish-changing our perception of Jews. The Anti-Defamation League is also concerned with the (not-so- popular) principle of separation of church and state. "We do not think that religion belongs in the political campaign and political arena," Foxman declared to The New York Times. "There’s nothing wrong with somebody professing their faith and going to church or synagogue, but this is almost hawking it" (Pellegrini). In response to Foxman’s warning, Lieberman’s spokesperson Kiki McLean reports that he "respectfully
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