Fake News And Its Effects On Society. Structure. Define

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Fake News and its effects on society Structure Define fake news Its occurrences and how it effects things Why it’s dangerous and potentially harmful What people can do to identify and negate the threat Conclude – summarise what has been discussed Effect on society & people’s personal view on the world The definition of fake news has changed significantly in recent years. X defined it as (definition) but in more recent years it’s meaning has pivoted, perhaps most widespread by the 2016 US general election; it now applies to hoaxes and misinformation, aimed to mislead (says who?) more of which will be discussed later in this work. Use and effects of fake news in society Fake news has become a topic of increased debate since the 2016 US…show more content…
This has been later amended to include sharing responsibly on social media. Gatekeeping and the role of a journalist in society Filter bubble Google personalised search changes how people see the world, creating a filter bubble. Filter bubbles create a ‘bubble’ of news that aligns with an individual’s views, which can be dangerous and misleading Companies including Facebook and Google have created personalisation filters for individuals to show them more of what they’re interested in, inadvertently hiding opposing socio-political viewpoints. Pariser (2011, 15) describes personalisation filters or ‘filter bubbles’ as “a kind of invisible autopropaganda”. This can have negative effects on learning and creativity particularly, where all information is familiar and nothing can challenge our pre-existing ideas. Tan (2017, 3) extends on this, adding that users can be subject to confirmation bias, wherein their worldviews take precedence over hard facts. Marchi (2012, 256) disputes this claim, arguing that social media exposes users to a diversity of opinion from other users. Censoring of news on certain sites and media groups with agendas What can be done? Facebook, twitter, social media (Wikipedia uses humans to validate information vs a crappy algorithm) Scientists suggest that we expose people to small amounts like a vaccine New Facebook algorithm detects fake news Fact checking sites such as Politifact and Snopes have shown promise in
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