Fall And Fall Related Injury

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Fall and fall related injury is a huge problem in hospital settings; however, the number of fall rate has been increasing as well as the cost of staying in the hospital too. Preventing the falls in acute care settings is challenge due to severally ill patients, mean age ranging from 64 to 74 years, increased numbers of hospital staying, and higher level of dependence (Abreu, Mendes, Monteiro, & Santos, (2012). According to the Joint Commission (2015), the Medicare and Medicaid do not reimburse the cost if patient had fall in hospital. All the treatments and tests cost are provided by the hospital due to in-hospital falls. Because of many incidences of patient falls, it is a serious and known clinical problem to identify cause, understand…show more content…
Based on evidence practice, the research study was completed in Midwest Hospital whereas 37 patients had fall in cardiac unit which was higher than their Nursing Quality Indicators benchmark. The goal was to improve education in fall policy, fall prevention signs above the patient’s bed, and decrease overall total number of falls within a year (Cangany et al., 2015). The purpose of this study is to focus on prevalence of falls, identify the cause and implement the fall interventions strategies to prevent harm on patients and reduction in fall rates.
Method of Study
A quantitative method of study was involved to research on fall events and their characteristics. The event was developed in Portuguese University Hospital medical unit to understand the cause of the fall and how to prevent them. There were thirty three beds were used in different rooms with mostly diagnosed patient with pneumonias, respiratory, urinary infections, and liver cirrhosis. They also observed the patient movement level during morning, evening, and night shift to recognize the significant problems and identify the clinical situation. During that situation, many medical and nursing students were also involved to observe and learn how to improve the quality of care (Abreu et al., 2012). The article also indicates the completion of data recording through questionnaire, research project, and presents to the nursing team these events to identify the importance of
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