Fall In School

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I need a job. I don’t have time for a job.

Fall is upon us and our courses are in full swing. As productive students we are busy. With school work and all the random busy work that goes along with college I‘m sure you feel extremely busy.

Fall is upon us and our courses are in full swing. As well rounded students we have paid for tuition paid (way too much) for books and spent more than we should have on school supplies, new clothes, and end of summer fun. Succinctly put, we could use some cash right about not.

Fall is upon us… and we need a job. But we don’t have time to punch the clock and we paid for these damn classes so we aren’t dropping them now. It’s time to hustle. Find a way to make some cash. Forget the $8 an hour at the grocery store. Here are 3 work opportunities with flexibility and the opportunity to make good money.

1.) Rake some leaves.
Potential income $20 an hour. Supplies needed – rake, tarp, yard waste bags.
The leaves are going to be on the ground in no time and people don’t want to rake them. In fact, they want to pay a young, motivated college student to rake them. The problem is, too many students are preoccupied handing in applications at retail stores to make the money. Go around your neighborhood and knock on doors. Explain who you are and that you will rake the entire yard
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No, not at all. Glamorous when you have money to go out this weekend and your friend with the “cool” job at the mall doesn’t? Yes. Same deal here, call up friends and family, knock on neighbors doors and offer a bi-weekly cleaning services. $30 for a general cleanup (living room, dinning room and bathrooms.) Vacuum, dust, scrub the kitchen and bathrooms. Bring head phones and it will fly by. Your target market should be older people. Once you get past 60 or so the last thing you want is to deep clean the house. If you can get 8 customers you can pull down around $480 a month. If you get the hang of it start to add services and make more
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