Fall Is Defined As An Event That Results Someone Coming

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Fall is defined as an event that results someone coming from a higher to a lower level with a sudden uncontrollable descent. Statistics show that one in three people who are aged over 60 years old experience at least one fall per year; 9% of them will lead them to an emergency room visit and 5-6% results different degrees of fracture (Bischoff-Ferrari, Dawson-Hughes & Staehelim, 2009). After their admissions to hospitals, only approximately half of them will still be alive the next year. Injuries from fall are the fifth incident causing death in older population after cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke and pulmonary diseases (Rubenstein, 2006). In Stanford Valley Care, majority of patients are elders with some 30s and 40s occasionally…show more content…
The guideline is formulated after a careful consideration of the evidences from reliable resources, and researchers used grading scheme to monitor quality of studies that would be included. They also used a rating scheme to evaluate strength of the recommendations and used expert consensus as a method to formulate suggestions. External and internal peer reviews were used for guideline validation at the end. However, there are no source documentations and criteria of inclusion stated in the EBP guideline. Recommendation section served a purpose of providing facilities a guideline to improve clarity of clinical safety protocol, and it focus on assessing factors that might potentiate fall risk such as fall history, visual impairment, older person’s perceived functional ability and ear relating to falling etc. Interventions medical staff should perform to minimize the risk based on patients’ individual medical diagnoses in terms of home hazard and safety intervention and strength and balance training. The section also includes a part of interventions cannot be recommended to patient because there are no sufficient evidences to prove
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