Fall Of Icarus Essay

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depiction of the fall of Icarus was similar in the painting by Pieter Brueghel and the poem by William Carlos Williams in tone, theme, mood, and imagery. The painting and the poem had a similar tone in their depictions of the fall of Icarus. Both had a tone that was calm, merry, but also dark. In the painting, it showed an farmer plowing his fields, a man herding his sheep, a man looking into the water, all on a hot, sunny day. Meanwhile, while these people are merry and living their lives, Icarus is drowning in the water right near them. The poem states, “It was spring, the whole pageantry of the year was awake tingling...” This shows a calm mood, in how it was spring, the pageantry was awake and tingling, people were happy and joyful. All of this was happening while Icarus was drowning, and it was a, “splash quite unnoticed.” Both the painting and the poem showed people calmly and joyfully living their lives, selfishly, while not even noticing Icarus drowning right in front of them.…show more content…
The painting gives off an mood that is calm and dark, with people working in the hot son, near the sounds of the ocean waves, but there is someone dying in the midst of all of all of it. The poem gives an mood that is merry, calm, and gloomy. The poem talks about the pageantry and that it’s awake and joyful, people are out working in the sun, all while Icarus is drowning, and he goes unnoticed. Both depictions give an happy, calm mood, but also dark at the same time. People are calm and happy, but then Icarus is dying, and no one notices.
Both depictions of the Fall of Icarus had similar ideas. Both mention people happily working, living their lives, but they are so concerned with themselves that they e don’t even see someone drowning right near them. The poem and the painting both display Icarus’ death being unnoticed, when he could have been seen and had been saved. But, people are too busy too see him, and they wouldn’t care about being
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