Fall Of Passers Analysis

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Last month, Dana was stricken by severe abdominal pain, she called an ambulance but after 10 minutes it still did not come, so she deceided to go out to asked help but because her pain she collapsed on the street, unfortunately only one people came to help her and some people who did not help her even said something ugly. The author’s oppoin is when we meet someone collapsed on the road we should help them immediately and ask them if they are ok, the author does not want people to lose their humanity, at the same time, do not make some comments when this happens, especially say something hard to hear. We need to help collapse people In the face of the fall of passers-by on the road, we should immediately go to help, but nowadays more and more people choose to ignore. What makes the society begin to disregard life? What is it that causes humanity to start missing?…show more content…
I think take pleasure in helpig people is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, people unwilling to help the fall of passers-by there is a certain relationship with the national laws, our country should formulate a series of related laws to protect everyone’s rights for example, reward those who are actively helping others; provide the corresponding compensation fund, eliminate people’s worry to upgrade the level of our civilization and have a better social conduct. As far as I’m concerned, we should help people when they fall down and don’t worry if they are actually falling down, don’t say some bad
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