Fall Prevention Is An Essential Component Of Workplace Safety

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Fall prevention is an essential component of workplace safety. Learn how proper planning, preparation, and training reduce the risks of workplace falls.

A Closer Look at Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. OSHA 's mantra for preventing falls, and the injuries and fatalities that go with them, is: plan, provide, and train. While the number of deaths in other fields is not as high as it is in construction, falls are still the primary sources of injury in the vast majority of them. Sadly, these falls are every bit as preventable, and the mantra for protection is the same. Let 's take a closer look at the components of this three-part safety system.


Planning is not just a job for the site foreman or supervisor. Planning needs to start in the boardroom. Consider these elements of the planning stage:

Money. Has enough of the budget been earmarked for proper safety equipment? Is there a contingency fund in case unforeseen dangers arise? Has your purchasing department had their hands tied so they are forced to buy substandard equipment, or do they have the freedom to purchase top-quality, field-tested devices and systems to safeguard your employees?

Time. Has the project been allocated enough time to be completed safely? Exhausted workers and/or rushing to get the job completed is always associated with significantly elevated safety risks.

Experts. Have the project engineers reviewed the site and project? Have they…

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