Essay on Fall Prevention Programs in Acute Care Hospitals

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At Brigham and Woman Hospital, this fall prevention program has been instituted throughout the facility. The protocol requires all patients to be screened for fall risk factors upon their admission to the hospital. Upon admission, nurses must conduct a throughout medical assessment, and use the Morse Fall Scale to assess patients mobility, muscle strength, gait, vision of patients because those conditions can put patients at increase risk for falls. At the end of each assessment, a number is provided to each patient determining the degree of fall and documented in the patient chart. For example, a patient might be a low risk for fall while another might at high risk for fall. In addition, the nurse must create a plan of care and…show more content…
In addition, high risk participants received education relating to falls which involved nurses instructing participants not to get out of bed without assistance, to press the call-bell for assistance and how to use the call-bell. As part of this study protocol, participants in the intervention group received usual care which include: fall risk assessment, placing the call-bell, TV remote control, eyeglasses, dentures, and hearing aids within the patient’s reach. Other interventions that have been used were bed and chair alarms, bed was in the lowest position at all time except when care was being provided and bed brakes were locked at all times. The patient’s elimination needs were scheduled every two hours, bedside commode was provided for frequent elimination needs, the patient was not left unattended while on bedside commode or in the bathroom. For a safe bathroom environment toilets was raised, toilet seats were secure, and handrails was strong enough to support patients, and patient was also instructed to pull the call light if feeling dizzy or in need of any assistance . Furthermore, the room temperature was
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