Fall Prevention in Hospitals

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Fall Prevention in Hospitals Introduction Hospital falls are extremely common. In a study that was conducted to describe the epidemiological nature of hospital falls, they found that that about 183 of 1,300 patients fell during the period of study. Hospital falls are more common in the elderly where the average age of the patients who had fallen was found to be 63.4%. Many of the falls were unassisted (79%) and they had occurred while the patients were in their own rooms (85%). Generally, the number of falls in hospitals ranges from 2.3-7 falls per 1,000 patient-days and it was found that 30% of the falls that happen in hospitals result in injury with 4-6% leading to serious injuries ADDIN EN.CITE Hitcho20041043(Hitcho et al., 2004)1043104317Eileen B HitchoMelissa J KraussStanley BirgeWilliam Claiborne DunaganIrene FischerShirley JohnsonPatricia A NastEileen CostantinouVictoria J FraserCharacteristics and Circumstances of Falls in a Hospital Setting: A Prospective AnalysisJournal of General Internal MedicineJournal of General Internal Medicine732-7391972004( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_2" o "Hitcho, 2004 #1043" Hitcho et al., 2004). Some of the serious injuries include subdural hematomas, fractures, excessive bleeding and in some extreme cases, death ADDIN EN.CITE Belechri20021044(Belechri, Petridou, & Trichopoulos, 2002)1044104417Belechri, M.Petridou, E.Trichopoulos, D.Bunk versus Conventional Beds: A Comparative Assessment of Fall Injury RiskJournal of Epidemiology and
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