Fall of feudalism paper

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10/30/2013 Quarterly Assessment How did Political, Social and Economic events which occurred during the Middle Ages contribute to the rapid fall of Feudalism and increase the foundation of nation states? Since politics and social matters are so closely founded the way that these two subcategories of the middle ages clashed against the Feudal way of organizing everything in the middle ages are. Politically kings ruled the way that everyone lived and by doing so this would later on provoke a tremendous backlash when Peasants learned that they had a say too and that by them doing the work that the king so desperately needed it could either fracture or mend a broken European…show more content…
The plague had an important role in the decline of Feudalism one of these are as follows power had to shift from nobles to common people because the demand for workers (to rebuild the economy) was high but there were less workers than before the black death the cause is that a majority of them died from sickness, this let the workers that remained to be able to demand more money and more rights. This finally resulted in many serfs (A laborer bound to the Feudal system) to leave the manors and move to cities for more opportunities, therefore completely changing their daily life from disgusting conditions to somewhat civilized human habitable conditions. Crusades were a great redemption point in the middle ages these were military expeditions that derived from the pope and they had one goal, to capture the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks. These crusades occurred between 1096 and 1272 all failed to win back the holy land from the Muslim Turks, crusades helped Europeans to build better ships and draw better maps and by doing so they could manage trade routes much more efficiently and allowing explorers to reach land much faster and claim it for Europe enhancing the economy with faster trading and navigation. Crusades drastically accelerated the decline of feudalism because, Feudal lords spent all the
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