Fall on Your Knees Essay examples

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Faizan Sadiq Frances Piper: The Devil’s Advocate? In Fall On Your Knees, Ann-Marie MacDonald presents a vivid and life-like character in Frances Piper. Frances Piper is one of the four Piper girls, and she is different from the rest of them. From her early childhood, Frances is a bold and naughty girl who is always getting herself into trouble. She has a great mischievous streak which troubles her father, James Piper, immensely. James Piper himself has a demon-like personality at various times throughout the novel, some of which he collects from his father in his early childhood. In a similar fashion to Frances’s father’s past, the reader can visualize Frances getting accustomed to her father’s personality and see her become a demon…show more content…
Frances starts to smoke, drink, and perform very cheap shows at the age of sixteen. She is prostituting herself to older men, and it is horrible because of the manner she is performing her acts: “Frances will bounce in your lap with your fly buttoned for as long as it takes for two bucks . . . A hand job costs two-fifty – she has a special glove she wears, left over from her first communion.”(293) Using a communion glove to perform vile acts is atrocious, because when that glove is used for a religious service, not a vile act. This is an instance where the reader can start to imagine that Frances may be representing the Devil because of her actions. Laura Robinson states that instead of “labouring quietly for little pay, doing charitable work, and having reverence for patriarchs, Frances performs loudly, prostitutes herself, and demonstrates no respect for her father” (Robinson 37). However, she also goes on to say that “France works to provide the funds for Lily’s escape from home and the dangers of the family” (Robinson 37). MacDonald also mentions in the novel that Frances wants to start saving her money for Lily, and is putting her money away in a secret place (293). She realizes that what she is doing is for a good cause: to protect her younger sister Lily and to save enough money to send her away when the time comes. At heart,
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