Fallacies Are Defined As Mistakes By Belief Based On An Unsound Argument

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Analysis about Fallacy Fallacies are defined as mistakes in belief based on an unsound argument, and many different types of such mistakes can occur when a writer is writing; therefore, when readers read a book, they may encounter different types of fallacies. Even arguing with some people, they use some false logic causing fallacy that can be a frustrating experience. Nevertheless, after people know these are examples of fallacies, they can identify what they are doing and spot the lapse in logic right away. “Help Those Who Help, Not Hurt, Themselves” is an example that is a short essay discussing the problem about homeless, and some examples of fallacies exist in the essay when the writer makes arguments. Misusing of generalizing in the essay causes a fallacy. “Help Those Who Help, Not Hurt, Themselves” states that people should refuse to provide homeless help, so that homeless will learn to support themselves through getting a job and working. Writher demonstrates that the homeless do not seek work or pride, and they are satisfied to beg and survive on other’s generosity. It is obvious that writer makes a logical fallacy called “overstatement,” which occurs when the generalization is unqualified. That is, it refers to all members of a category or class, although the evidence justifies an assertion about only some in the class. In the essay, the writer defines “homeless” a person who prefers begging for food than working, but, in fact, only some of homeless like to beg

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