Fallacies In The Real World

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In the aspect of everyday lives, the ability to process and decipher critical information is a must in order to be successful. The benefits of having the ability to seek higher education are the important lessons that are taught in terms of the ability to process and work through important information and scenarios. Lessons learned through hardship or what may be perceived as a delay lead to the character developments and shape the future and the goals of many students. Fallacious thinking and the distortion of the mind affect student’s abilities to process and succeed in the “real world” only they are allowed as a distraction from their major goals; these diversions or what may be considered distressing situations lead to lessons learned and an increase in focus on future goals. Students will take what may be considered “a mistake in logic” and it will allow them to learn from the rebuttal of others…show more content…
The ability to both understand and be objective to a situation has helped me in my goal of choosing a major after I leave this community college at the end of my junior college career by allowing me to search with an open mind and understand the ideas that are presented with minor biases. In conclusion, there are many reasons why students should be aware of the fallacies that influence them in the modern, or “real world”, is an ability to be open to situations and use the critical thinking skills learned from them to better yourselves for the future and the present. There are many important fallacies and ideals, but some most prevalent ones lead to an open mind and an understanding of both sides of the people’s opinions. These are the direct results of critical thinking in the real world and how this process is used to better a student’s understanding of how the world
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