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High Noon, a western film mostly respected by conservative viewers, and endlessly ranked over by critics. This was an exciting movie considering it was a black and white film. The whole movie was about the loyalty of a town marshal named Kane and the betrayal of the town. After watching High Noon, there were a lot of fallacies that were depicted through out the movie such as begging the question, ad hominem, slippery slope, and Inconsistency. The characters in the movie do a great job at portraying each of these fallacies. At the beginning of the movie, as Kane and Amy are riding away for their honeymoon, Kane stops the prairie and claims that he has to go back and states “this is crazy”. When Amy questions Kane
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Following the scene, when Kane asks for volunteer deputies, one of the Individual’s gets up and says, “Ain’t it true, that Kane no longer a marshal and isn’t it true there is personal trouble between him and Miller?” This is another great example of Ad Hominem because once again another individual is attacking Kane’s character rather than tackling the issue that Kane is making in the scene. The Individual’s argument is rejected on the basis of irrelevant fact about Kane. In a key scene, where characters in the church debate the pros and cons of helping the marshal, the case is finally made against Kane by the Mayor with the economic rationalist argument that a gunfight in the streets would be bad for business and the North wont send money for stores and factories. I believe this scene is a good example of a slippery slope fallacy because the mayor is using fear of gunfire in streets to support his idea of North not sending money for stores and factories. The Mayor is not using a good argument/ reason to support his idea. There is no evidence provided that north won’t send money because of gunfire between Kane and Miller. Towards the end of the film, inconsistency in characters seems to develop. In the scene, where herb shows up at the jail house ready to fight along side Kane changes his mind after he finds out that it will be just him and Kane fighting against Miller and his posse. Herb states, “it isn’t that I don’t want out…I volunteered but this is not what you

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