Fallacies of Ethos, Pathos and Logos in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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In Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008), Ben Stein travels the world to expose the incarceration in the realm of science. Stein’s goal is to rile up the audience to stir up desire and motivation of the voice of the people to bring down the unjust wall in scientific academia. Ben Stein fails to persuade his active viewing audience that universities have used unfair practices to exclude research and believers in intelligent design from the scientific community, but succeeds in persuading the unpretentious and idle audience. Ben Stein losses his credibility and ultimately his persuasive power through the use of misrepresentation of messages and facts, fallacies of ethos, pathos, and logos, and the digression from the main point of the…show more content…
The documentary concludes with the reoccurring metaphor of the Berlin Wall, academic freedom if you are on the correct side of the wall, the suppression of it on the other. Stein sprinkles important quotes of expelled scientists from earlier in the film during this time. Ben stein completes his speech of freedom and detriment from boxing science from a higher power or god. Expelled misrepresented many of its claims and facts made during interviews of scientific figures, leaving out important pieces. While the facts presented by the interviews may seem solid at first to the idle viewer, the complications are revealed upon further research. Ben Stein interviews Robert J. Marks, claiming that his research website was shut down by Baylor University once the university discovered a link between his work and intelligent design. Upon further research, it is obvious how the intentions of the university were misrepresented by the documentary. Marks had not sought approval for the website with Baylor University references, which was originally hosted on a Baylor University server. Without prior approval of the website on Baylor’s server, the website was temporarily shut down to discuss terms of agreement to keep the site up, including a disclaimer, deletion of the listing of Baylor graduate students, and deletion of a reference to a lab. Marks and Baylor University did not come

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