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Character Analysis in Fallen Angels During war, many people change physically, mentally, and socially. War itself is disturbing to the mind. In Walter Dean Meyer’s Fallen Angels, the characters undergo many changes as they learn the true meaning of war. Perry, Peewee and Johnson all change in the sense of their personalities and their outlooks on life. In the beginning of the novel all the characters have very distinct characteristics. As the story progresses they start to see how war can have a huge impact on your life. Perry, who is the protagonist in the book, is from Harlem. He hasn’t always had it easy in his life. His mother is what is known as a “drunk”, and his father walked out on him and his family. He always had to supply…show more content…
He is described as this huge man that holds the M-60 and stands there with his mouth wide open. He has Southern accent and talked really slow which was odd to the others. He always seemed to keep to himself. As the novel progresses, Johnson proves himself to be a great leader and “war-hero”. After Lt. Carroll died, no one really trusted Captain Stewart because they found out he reported fake body count numbers so they all turned to Johnson during their missions. When Dongan asks him about Lobel’s sexuality, and he replies with no answer, he surprises Perry and is then known for being a born leader to fight in war. Johnson had taken a role that fit him like a glove. This role was a true hero. He soon was known as a leader and a great one in fact. Johnson was ready to die in the war he had thought he would die as a hero and for a good cause. At the end of the novel Johnson lives but is not sent home. Fallen Angels, is explained as the loss of youth and innocence these soldiers intake. Soldiers face these battles every day of their lives. Living with mental pictures of huge mass murders. Soldiers suffer from many things whether it is physically, mentally, or socially. In reality most soldiers die in obscurity. In the novel, Fallen Angels, Perry and Peewee live to see another day back home. But when they don’t know if they can act the same as when they left. Their look on life has been completely flipped over. Going into war changes your whole look

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