Fallen Tears Short Story

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Fallen Tears “Bella always say your byes beforehand, because when the times comes and you have to say goodbye, you won’t get the chance to. So, I will say it now. Bella ever since you were born I gave you a hard time. I couldn’t spend time with you, I couldn’t keep any of our promises, and always left you by yourself. Now I am going to have to leave you again, but this time I don’t think I will come back, but my love for you will never, ever leave you, that is a promise I will never break. You might hate me for all the things I have done to you, but still I am so glad that you were born as my child.” Those were Bella’s mom’s last words. Bella loved her mom, even if at one point she hated her. She understood that everything that her mom did was for her benefit. How could she hate someone who worked so hard for her sake. But no matter what she thought, nothing could change the fact that her mother had died of cancer and she was alone now. Two years later Bella is now fifteen years old going to high school. She lost her mom two years ago and her father died when she was born. She is now staying in an orphanage close to her school. A voice shouted from outside "Hurry up Bella, it’s already 7:30 we are going to be late!!!" "Coming Emily" Bella shouted back while putting her shoes on. Emily has been Bella's best friend ever since elementary school. She was always by Bella's side. In the past after Bella's mom died, Emily had been the one who helped Bella get back on her feet. She
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