Falling Angels (chapter journal) Essay

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Chapter : Resurrection (1969)

Summary: The chapter opens introducing the main characters on the story; The Family. Mother, Father and their three daughters namely; Lou, Norma, and Sandy. The three girls together with their Dad is going to the funeral of the mother. In front of the funeral, before they enter the doors are the reporters who is waiting for them to ask them about their mother’s death. What the reporters know is that their Mom save a cat and fell of the ground that’s why she died and the daughters answered it with a yes. There also some flashback in the chapter such as, “Yesterday, in their mother’s bedside table, Norma found the kidney stone that he gave their mother—for luck and instead of an engagement ring—on the night
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The girls dressed it up with a dress but Rapunzel ran away. Their father told them that she will come back because when you feed a cat they will know you and they will keep coming back. He also told them that he knows everything about cat. Without knowing it, their Dad killed Rapunzel because she is hiding under their car and when their dad starts the car they heard something like a chain saw cutting a wood. After their dad went away they saw the dress that they put on to Rapunzel with blood. After that incident the girls decide to escape away from their father because their father is bad and killed Rapunzel.
Comment concisely on any of the items below if pertinent:
3. What themes (central ideas) are emerging or further developing in the story? (30 words) Anger is the theme in this chapter because of what their Dad did to Rapunzel which leads them to hate him. The girls hated their Dad for killing the kitten that they have cared about. With kids, every little thing is important and they are very sensitive because they don’t know yet the things that they should be more focused on.

Chapter : Disneyland (1961)

Summary: On the morning of Christmas, the girls found gifts for each of them. Their father want them to feel upset before he will say his surprise; they are suppose to go to Disneyland. All three of them was very excited but still crying from the gifts that they received. They
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