Falling Birth Rates And Its Effects

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Falling Birth Rates This earth is full of people. The population is a little over seven billion people (Falling Birthrates). So much happens but the majority only pays attention to so little. Falling birth rates are necessary, because there is more opportunities, there will be more for those who are in need, and mankind are too much for this earth. There are so much more opportunities with less people. They are more likely to all get a job, insurance and more. The unemployment rate is so high because so many people have taken all the jobs. As of right now the unemployment rate is 5.0. Last month it was at a 4.9.(bureau) Not even each year it goes up, it goes up by months because of all the people. Especially since everyone wants…show more content…
Even though they are making inventions to make the water clean they still need food. They can have the life straw, it’s just not the same, because there isn’t enough water. It’s not the same as people who have money that we can go to the store and get whatever they need. They actually have to go hunt, fight, and practically do whatever they need to in order to survive. In developing countries is 12.9% versus the U.S. where it is less than 5%. And still to this day everyone hear that there are places full of hunger and thirst and everyone says people should to do something. But the fact of the matter is that there is too many people to make a change. By everyone is too much to this earth is that people do a lot of damage than they are aware of. There is so much pollution than there should ever be. With all these cars and public transportation for everyone. And trying to make ecofriendly cars and more is actually is same and making regular cars. The factories that make these car produce the same about of pollution as the others. In China, the pollution is so bad that people wear masks. The air alone is gray and musky. There is a little over one billion people in china. That’s one seventh of the whole population. Global warming is becoming a big factor and no one realizes that it’s because the more people, the more they want, so the more they make. All in all, there are bad things about falling birth rates. But we need to acknowledge that for us to be healthy
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