Falling Down Essay

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Falling Down The 1993 film falling down provides a look into two separate men’s lives in the course of one day. Although the movie was highly acclaimed for it’s portrayal of the new human situation, the covert and overt racism, sexism, and classism leave a sour taste in this viewer’s mouth. The movie comes across as a lame attempt to show the “White man’s ever growing burden.” The audience is expected to feel a compassion for both lead characters. The message that is supposed to be portrayed is similar to films of today such as fight club and American beauty. All three pointing at what they see as specific flaws yet offering up no real solutions to these problems. With these flaws in this system pointed out Michael Douglas’ …show more content…
A critique of societies pressure on the working class man and his struggle with the new world around him. The movie is supposed to question society as a whole yet it left me questioning who had written a story so specific that no one besides white males could identify with it.

Although Bill is portrayed as the working class hero there are several areas where severe flaws can be observed. After leaving his car on the freeway Bill heads towards the nearest convience store to get change to make a phone call. The stores owner, a Korean man, denies Foster the change with out the purchase of an item from the store. Angered by the fact that he cannot buy what he wants and get the right amount of change he takes it out by verbally abusing the owner and destroying his store. Two quotes still stick out from the confrontation with the Korean shop owner “ You come to my country, take my money and don’t have the grace to speak my language” and “Do you know how much the U.S. has given your country?” Author Robert Lee in his book Orientals wrote that the Korean shopkeeper “ represents alienated capitalism, capital literally given into the hand of the alien.” Upon examining Foster interactions with other minority groups such as the Latino group he encounters one can say that he is a xenophobic. Not only is Bill a racist he also does not pay child support and he has a quick temper. When the police arrive at Fosters ex-wife Beth’s
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