Falling Egg And Automotive Lab Report

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In the lab of “The Falling Eggs and Automotive Lab”, we had to design a protective device able to hold the egg and allowing it survive from the impact of hitting the ground from the top of the staircase. We did this lab to investigate newton’s Laws and prove how they work. In the lab, we have to observe the forces that act on the egg and evaluate the way they work. We do this lab with an egg to relate to a real life collision with a car. The egg is essentially the person and the device that the egg is in is the Airbag. We use our knowledge about airbags and apply that to this lab in order to make the egg survive and not crack.

The first law by Newton states that the object at rest will be at rest until acted upon by an unbalanced force. To put that into short, the object in motion is going to maintain the same speed and direction until it is acted upon by an unbalanced force. An example would be me in a car. The car will accelerate, and I will accelerate with it. I will go at the same force as a car will. That is also due to me being
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When the car is accelerating, there must be an equal force to cancel out the car's acceleration to make it come to a complete restrest. When the car hits a wall, the wall essentially is hitting the car as well. The acceleration of the vehicle and the force caused by the wall cancels each other out causing the car to come to a complete stop. However, the passenger without a seatbelt does not have anything opposing it. Therefore the passenger will continue to accelerate until it has a force to counter it and make it come to rest. To minimize injuries to passengers in vehicles, we must find ways to minimize the collision. What makes car crashes so deadly are that it happens so quickly, and that it occurs at high speeds. In order to minimize collisions, we must find ways to slow down our acceleration and give us more time to do
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