Falling Leaves Character Analysis

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Central Idea
In Falling Leaves, Adeline Yen Mah illustrated the desire of wanting to be accepted and appreciated by your family. This is significant because most of the conflict in the book revolves around Adeline not be appreciated by her family.. In the book she does everything she can to be accepted by her parents, like doing what her parents want her to, even as an adult
Key Event #1
When the HUnling Yens moved into a new house in Shanghai, the division amidst the family was first shown. Niang, Father, Franklin, and Susan all slept downstairs in the large bedrooms, while everyone else slept upstairs. This division is shown in the following quote, “When we first arrived from Tianjin, we the ‘have not’s’ we were relegated to the second
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I decided to act and consult a lawyer immediately. They had given me permission to do so” (176). This shows that even though during this part of the book she was in a bad place in her life, but she still wanted permission from her parents to end the situation.
Key Event #5
Adeline seeks the acceptance of Niang and Father even after they had died. Adeline feels excluded once again when niang and Father’s wills are read,on both occasions she is left out and does not receive any of the inheritance. She later finds out that her father did want to include her in his will, but Niang changed it at the last minute. This key event is resolved because Adeline finds out that her father did care about her and appreciate her; he left part of his original inheritance to her in the original will and excluded the children he had disowned.
Protagonist’s Personal ID
In the beginning of the book, Adline does not feel as if she is important and she is repeatedly told this by he parents. Adeline is continuously sent because because her father and Niang simply do not want anything to do with ehr, Mah observed, “Yeye knew. ‘His child has done no wrong, but everyday her presence is like a thorn in their side: she annoys them by simply being around. They’re sending her away
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