Falling from the Cliff

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Falling from the cliff

1.1 Case Study
On April 1, 2007, a 48-year-old woman was killed after plunging 50 meters from a cliff while hiking on the rugged Lion Rock. She planned to climb over Lion Rock along an unnamed path with 2 people. However, they got lost along the path. So, the woman climbed upward along a rough cliff to try to find a way out. Unfortunately, she sipped and fell 50 meters down the cliff. She suffered severe injuries and lost consciousness. Later, she was declared dead in hospital. [1]

1.2 Possible causes
For hikers, they may need to bear part of the responsibility to protect themselves. Some hikers may neglect the danger while hiking.

Firstly, some people may walk too close to the edge that they may accidentally fall down when they are careless or step on little rocks.

Secondly, some people may wear unsuitable shoes while hiking, like high-heels and slippers. These kinds of shoes cannot prevent slippery and cannot protect their foot if accidents happen.

Thirdly, some hikers may play along the road and accidentally push the other down the edge. Also, some hikers would walk together hand-in-hand. In case one of them lose balance, all of them may fall down.

Also, the rocks and roads may not in good conditions and cause the hikers to fall down when hikers step on them.

Firstly, some mountain trails do not have any protective measures, like rails or barbed-wire fence, on the edge. If the road is narrow, hikers will have no choice other than…
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