Fallout And Its Effects On The United States

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Fallout is many, it is fun, it is emotional, and it is educational. In Fallout, the main character are in an irradiated wasteland in every installment, however, there was also a time before that, and there was a time before, The Great War. The Fallout universe secedes from our timeline officially after World War 2, where the transistor, was never invented, therefore the split timeline occurs. Because the Fallout Universe follows a plot where all countries begin using Atomic power, initiating an advance in technology, in a more retro style, but still using plenty of fossil fuels. Technologies include things such as Laser Weaponry, Plasma Weaponry, Medical advances, and Vaults, which I’ll discuss later. With different leaders and culture, the United States is divided into 13 areas. Because of the alternate universe countries began running everything on nuclear reactors, leading to a spontaneous drain of resources, initiating unrest between nations. Needing to stay the super power, the USA begins dissolving the surrounding nations, such as Mexico in order to use its resources. The resource wars began in 2052, when Britain responded to the Middle East’s rising oil prices with military action. With the wars starting, the U.N. attempts to keep countries calm, and after a series of heated debates, most of the countries pulled out and the U.N. was disbanded. The United States, being the main super power it is, stays out of the wars by using the resources from surrounding nations
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