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It’s a fact the billionaire gaming industry is beginner than Hollywood. To be exact, the gaming industry is expected to grow over $102.9 Billion dollars according to Bloomberg by 2017. Gaming has become so powerful that games like Fallout, a series of role-playing game is being played around the world. The first version was released by Interplay on September 30, 1997 making it 18 years old today. Since then, the Fallout has been extended into 11 different versions such as Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout: Brotherhood of steel among others including the latest version Fallout 4 published by Bethesda Softworks. However, this number does is not including the mobile application available on the Google and App stores. In addition, Fallout has the title…show more content…
In the first game, Fallout they introduce the Nuka Cola, the most popular soft drink in the world before the great war. As for Fallout 2, they introduce the New California Republic and the Enclave which in fact, they re-use this iconic details throughout other storylines in other games. Fortunately, Fallout has turned into a trans media story by expanding into books like Fallout: The hot war and Fallout: New Vegas among other things such as the Fallout pip-boy Messenger bag. Furthermore, Fallout 3 introduces the Replicated Man, which introduces the Commonwealth wasteland along with The institute MIT, and Android Synths. Lastly, the franchise introduces weapon modding and iron sights in latest version, Fallout 4.

Not only does is this franchise interesting and extremely detailed but also the setting of the story is extremely interesting. The games take place in the United States after a nuclear weapon has nearly killed all human beings on earth. This nuclear bombing occurred after China invaded Alaska so the United States had to intervene. The theme of the setting for Fallout is the 1950’s. Although, the story includes advanced technology that has never been seen before on earth such as advanced robots, bombs, and
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The brotherhood of steel is the antagonist in the story due to the fact they are only interested in the preservation of technology. In contrast, the minutemen are some what good and also bad since they are interested in helping out other people but freedom is limited. This story not only connects with the players but also transpires the gaming world. In other words, the story is being brought to life with fan TV Shows during San Diego’s Comic Con. Also, tumbrl blogs have popped out around the internet such as F#ck Yeah, Fallout and Fallout Universe. That’s not all, Google communities and Facebook page, Fallout Fan Club have also surfaced the internet.

The Fallout series has capture the heart of unnumbered players and now with the mobile version it will continue to rapidly increase its player’s community. Be ready to travel back into the 1950’s and join the adventure with the Fallout community and join adventures with the gaming
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