False Advertising And Its Effect On Business

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False Advertising False advertising is a growing trend among businesses in our economy and normal life. This trend includes directly trying to trick the consumers into thinking that they are getting something great but in reality they are getting nothing. All age groups are targeted by false advertising, it is just a matter of how smart of a consumer you are. Almost all companies are guilty of this crime. The biggest and major companies that are big into false advertising are weight loss programs or supplement pills that will help you lose weight. In conclusion false advertising is a growing terrible trend in our society today. False advertising is when a company or business puts out an advertisement that catches people’s attention and draws them into buying their product but really, the company is lying about what the product actually does. False advertising can negatively affect business and the consumer 's view of the products and the loyalty and honesty of the company. Sometimes these false claims and their catchy slogans of these companies can hurt their reputations in the market. While it seems there is a lot of negative effects of false advertising, you may think there has to be some kind of positive outlook on it when really there is not. There is no real winner in this situation. Unless, you consider the consumer’s that have not yet bought the product being falsely advertised. Because, then the consumers that have not bought the product know now that, the company
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