False Advertising Essay

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There are many types of companies that carry false advertising in their products in order to increase commercial sales. In today’s world, we all want our money’s worth of what we are purchasing. In false advertising, we are being mislead and deceived in what we are really buying. Weight loss products often advertise that if you indeed take their product, you will lose the desired amount of weight. They show you pictures of people who have lost weight “using this product” and in addition to the pictures, they also inform you of the benefits you will acquire if you consume their product. What they regret to inform you in the big print is that the only way to acquire these results is with diet and exercise, therefore they are misleading…show more content…
The foods in the advertisements you see are not exactly edible. The agencies that are hired to create these products use cosmetic chemicals to enhance colors so the products appear to be fresh. They do this so they can boost its virtual appeal, concluding the point of not everything you see in advertising is necessarily true. Consumers are greatly affected by these deceptions. People who purchase a product and later realize that they did not receive what they thought they were paying for are dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction will eventually lead consumers to never purchase that product again, which will cause sales to drop for that company. By word of mouth, internet, and other means of communication these companies’ profits will plunge due to consumer discontent. Also, if companies are falsely advertising and fail to mention a certain aspect of their product to consumers and that consumer happens to be allergic to that certain aspect of the product, it may lead to a potential lawsuit. For example, the food label known as Spikes all purpose food seasoning declared their product had “no MSG added.” Further reading of the ingredients in this product, it contained hydrolyzed protein. This protein contains MSG; therefore this food label was false and misleading. Anyone who is allergic to MSG that consumes this product will get violently ill. Due to the lack of information the company failed to mention on the label, there is no way a consumer would have known the
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