False Confession

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Areiann Johnson
Final Paper
April 16, 2012

False Confessions
She was killed Mr. Cope. She was raped and murdered! You are in shock. You are confused. You feel indescribable, unbearable pain. This pain is so emotional that it affects you physically too! Someone has ripped your heart out of your chest and made you watch as they relentlessly take a knife to it. All hope is lost. You will surely die from this ordeal. At least you wish you could! Your heart is weak; it drops into your stomach making you nauseated. How will you ever heal? You have been broken.
Now every thought that runs through your mind is consumed with your desire for revenge. You want nothing more than to catch the person that has taken someone so precious
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They include: Duress, coercion, intoxication, diminished capacity, mental impairment, ignorance of the law, fear of violence, the actual infliction of harm, the threat of a harsh sentence, and misunderstanding the situation.
On April 13, 1986, Pauline Martz, a 79 year old widow, was beaten, bound with duct tape, and left to die in her burning home in Aurora, Missouri. Five days later, police arrested Johnny Lee Wilson, a timid, mentally challenged, 20 year old janitor with no prior record of violence. They brought all of their attention to Wilson after Gary Wall, a special education classmate, told them that Wilson had made incriminating comments. Sadly investigators did not know that Wall had lied because he hoped to get a reward from the state arson fund. In 1995 Wall recanted his original statement, claiming he did not speak up earlier because he was scared he might get in trouble with police for lying.
Wilson simply thought that he was going to help solve the murder when investigators asked to talk to him. After waving his Miranda rights, Wilson was than interrogated for three and a half hours on the night of April 18th, and again on April 19, 1986. From the get go, Detectives Steve Carr and Bill Merrit repeatedly accused Wilson of killing Martz. In response to Wilson’s denials and claims

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